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OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 23, 2008

The Connelly Theatre
220 East 4th St

Shaw’s harrowing 1936 classic Bury the Dead takes place during ‘the second year of the war that is to begin tomorrow night.’ While a military burial detail goes about its sad duties, the dead online baccarat casino soldiers shockingly begin to rise up, pleading not to be buried. Word of their insurrection spreads rapidly: the dead will not yield so easily. In a series of touching scenes the dead men talk with their loved ones of the days of living, now lost forever.


Donna Lynne Champlin
Jeremy Beck
Fred Berman
Mandell Butler
Jake Hart
Jeff Pucillo
Matt Sincell

Creative Team

Joe Calarco


Sandra Goldmark

Set Design

Kathryn Rohe

Costume Designer

R. Lee Kennedy

Lighting Designer

Michael Rasbury

Sound Designer